Ever consider a dedicated fleet of your own? It’s a cost effective way to eliminate many of the day-to-day worries of shipping chemicals and hazardous materials. At EcoShield Transport, that’s all we do. We're new as a company — but we’ve got years of experience with our sister company, KLLM Transport Services. We exclusively focus on hazardous material shipments in a dedicated truckload fleet arrangment. As an extension of your business, we’ll handle your distribution challenges, safely, securely and in complete compliance with governmental and custome requirements.
Protecting your cargo and the motoring public is our numberone priority. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in leadingedge safety technology for our equipment, including:
  • Rear End Collision Avoidance
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Lane Departure Alarms
  • Roll Stability Protection
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Auto Braking
  • Front-Facing Cameras
All of our tractors and trailers are equipped to ensure the total security of your cargo every step of the way:
  • Satellite location tracking
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Door opening monitoring
  • Door closing monitoring
  • Shipping & receiving point Geofences
  • Remote capability for temperature adjustments
  • Padlocked door securement
With EcoShield, you can be sure every load is fully compliant with DOT’s Hazardous Material Regulations. Our fleet managers are experts in regulatory requirements and statespecific requirements and maintain all necessary federal and state permits for you. We take every step to keep you compliant, including:
  • Use Hazmat Trucking Enforcer for correct placarding
  • Driver certification for all Hazmat transportation levels
  • Emergency Response Guidebooks in every truck
When you have your own dedicated fleet, shipping hazardous materials and chemical cargo gets easier and more cost effective. EcoShield provides the capacity when and where you need it — individualized for your specific handling needs. You’ll enjoy consistent, on-time delivery without the worry. Our staff is committed to anticipating and satisfying every need your business may have, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.
Each load is transported in up-to-date equipment that is exclusively used by your company.
  • Late-model Freightliner Cascadia tractors
  • Utility trailers
  • Maintain loads between -20 degrees F to +80 degrees F
  • Carrier refrigeration units
Our professional drivers go through continuous training and are certified for all levels of hazmat transportation, as well as fully skilled in security awareness.